Back to glam

Back-to-Glam shapewear shorts


The backless sculpting shorts for all your occasions.

Size Chart


FRA 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
USA 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
Chest (cm) 78-82 83-87 88-92 93-97 98-102 103-107 108-112
Waist (cm) 61-65 66-70 71-75 76-80 81-85 86-90 93-98
Hips (cm) 85-89 90-94 95-99 100-104 105-109 110-113 117-122

Bonnets 80A 95A 95B 95C 95D 95E 85F
85A 80B 100B 100C 100D 100E 90F
90A 85B 80C 80D 80E 110E 95F
90B 85C 85D 85E 80F
90C 90D 90E

Tailles de vêtements 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56
Hanches 95-105cm 105-115cm 115-125cm 135-135cm 135-145cm

How to Take Clothing Measurements

  1. Get a flexible measuring tape. These are often sold in craft stores
  2. Neck:
    • Measure around the base of the neck in inches.
    • Round up to the nearest half inch.
  3. Chest:
    • Wrap tape measure under armpits around fullest part of chest (usually right above nipples
  4. Sleeve:
    • Bend your elbow and rest your hand on your hip.
    • Have someone measure from the middle of the back of your neck to your wrist by putting the tape measure over your shoulder, around your elbow and to your wrist.
  5. Waist:
    • Wrap tape measure around where you normally wear your pants. Keep tape measure a little loose by keeping a finger between the tape measure and your waist.
  6. Inseam:
    • Put on a pair of shoes.Have someone measure from your crotch to back of the heel, where you want your pants to end.
Size 2: 38-40. Size 3: 42-44. Size 4: 46-48. Size 5: 50-52. Size 6: 54-56.




The innovative and patented Back-to-Glam panty was imagined and designed to be worn with backless dresses and the Back-to-Glam bra. The inside of the sheath includes small ties for you to fix the straps of the bra, thus allowing you to wear dresses with unprecedented low necklines in the back!

The backless Back to Glam shapewear shorts are ideal for all fitted backless dresses. With the Back-to-Glam backless bra, it will be your perfect ally on your wedding day and for all the other beautiful occasions of life. Thanks to its unique belt and back cut, this backless panty allows both a shaping effect on the belly, and an impeccable plunging back neckline. In addition to sheathing the belly, this backless wedding shorts sculpts the butt and thighs. You can then dare everything: very fitted dresses as well as plunging back necklines. It is also possible to attach the straps of the Back-to-Glam bra inside the shorts for an ever deeper and more open back neckline. Thanks to its nude color, it is completely invisible even under the thinnest dresses. We advise you to put on these shorts exactly as you would put on tights. Correctly position it gradually at the level of the thighs, then the crotch, before positioning it on your stomach, so as not to damage it.

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